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You can know about ICICI PPF Calculator here. The ICICI Public Provident Fund calculator can be used if you have ICICI PPF Account. For that, you have to open Account in ICICI Bank by following the steps which are given below. Then you can easily utilize this PPF Calculator to know the year ending Closing Balance, Loan Amount and Interest Rate of PPF Account. So, follow the below guidelines for calculating your amount. Thus, you can also check the ICICI PPF Account opening details from the below sections.

ICICI PPF Calculator

We all are familiar and also know how to open PPF Bank Account. So, for opening PPF Account you have to choose one of the best banks which provides more no. of banking products, financial services, and other investment services. Thus, the ICICI Bank is an Indian multinational Banking and other financial services when compared it with other banks. Therefore, with these services in ICICI Bank you can be very beneficial by opening ICICI PPF Account here. For that, you have to check the Application form to open PPF Account and also know the document list from here.

While coming to PPF, the PPF is a Public Provident Fund. It is a Scheme of 15 years. Also, opening the PPF Account in ICICI Bank is very beneficial because the PPF Account is both saving and tax deductible Account. From the ICICI PPF Calculator, you can easily calculate your Closing amount of the year. Also, you can calculate loan amount which is available to take from the 3rd financial year. Finally, the withdrawal amount can be calculated with the ICICI interest rate. Because ICICI PPF Calculator is an online tool which is useful to calculate your Amount which is deposited in the PPF Account. Then after 15 years, you can extend your ICICI Public Provident Fund Account with a block of 5 years.

Calculate ICIC PPF Here

ICICI PPF Account Application Form

To open ICICI PPF Account, you have to download the Form A which is available both online and offline. So, after downloading the form you have to fill the details like your Name, PAN Card number, address details in the form. Along with that, you have to write the nominee name and details in the second part. Finally, submit the application form with required documents.

Document Required for ICICI PPF Account

For opening the ICICI PPF Account, you need to submit the list of documents. Also, you have to submit these documents along with the application form. Therefore the required list of documents has given below.

The list of documents should be submitted by the ICICI account holders who have relation with ICICI Bank less than 5 years are

  • Form A (application form)
  • Passport size photograph
  • Photocopy of PAN Card

The list of documents should be submitted by the account holders who have relation with ICICI Bank more than 5 years are

  • Form A
  • Photocopy of PAN Card
  • Address Proof
  • Passport Size Photograph

PPF ICICI Account rules & Guidelines

The customers those who want to open ICICI PPF Account Should follow these rules and guidelines.

Tenure of ICICI Bank PPF Scheme:

As the PPF Scheme in all authorized banks and post offices is 15 years, the ICICI PPF Account Scheme is also 15 years.

Eligibility Criteria to use the ICICI PPF Scheme:

The Eligibility Criteria of an individual to open PPF Account is that the individual should be the resident of the India. Also by the ICICI PPF scheme can use either by their own name or under the name of the nominee.

Investment Limit on ICICI PPF Account:

The minimum limit of the PPF Account is Rs. 500/- per year. Also Maximum limit is Rs. 1,50,000. So above the maximum limit, you should not add any amount.

ICICI PPF Account Overview

Features Descriptiopn
Bank Name ICICI Bank
Scheme Name ICICI Public Provident Fund
ICICI PPF Scheme Duration 15 Years
ICICI PPF Interest Rate for 2016-17 8.10%
Maximum number of PPF Account for one Person Only One
Minimum ICICI PPF amount per year Rs. 500 per annum
Maximum ICICI PPF amount per year Rs. 1, 50, 000 per annum
ICICI PPF account Maturity Period 15 Years
ICICI PPF Eligibility Any individual

ICICI Public Provident Fund Account Benefits

The Some of the Benefits of ICICI PPF Account is given below.

  • Nomination Facility:  In the Nomination Facility you can add nominee to your PPF Account. ICICI Bank is providing Facility for adding nominee to your PPF account such that to receive PPF amount in the case of sudden demise of the Account holder.
  • Tax Benefits applied for ICICI PPF Scheme: The PPF Account is savings and Tax Deductible Account. So, many people show much interest to have Public Provident Account. This is under the section 88 of the income tax act.
  • Transfer of ICICI PPF Account: You can easily transfer the ICICI PPF Account to the post offices or to any other authorized banks by placing a request with the bank.
  • Loans and Partial Withdrawals against PPF Account: The Public Provident Fund has a facility to take a loan from 3rd financial year to till 6th year. Also, you can make partial withdraws from the 7th financial year to till last year.

How to open ICICI PPF Account ?

The Customers who are interested in opening ICICI PPF Account can open through online or Offline modes. So, follows the below-mentioned process which helps you to open PPF Account.

Online Mode:

  • Visit the official website of ICICI Bank or Click here
  • Then click on Apply Now. then it takes to the other page.
  • There you have to select the city and State.
  • Then click on next button.
  • After that, you have to enter the details and press next button.
  • Finally, after completing the application process, click on submit button.

Offline Mode:

  • Click here to download ICICI PPF Form A
  • Then Fill the details in the Application Form.
  • Later, Attach the required documents list and go to the near ICICI Bank and submit the Application form and also the documents.
  • Finally, you can open the ICICI PPF Account.

How to Deposit money in your ICICI Bank PPF Account

You can deposit amount in your ICICI PPF Account through online or offline. So, here we have provided both online and offline process. Therefore, follow any one of the processes which are convenient and easy to deposit money in your ICICI PPF Account.

Online Process:

The ICICI Bank is providing online services to deposit money in PPF Account. So for this, you have to log into the personal banking account in ICICI. Then the payment can be made as same as transferring funds to other accounts.

Offline process:

You can deposit money in PPF Account by going to any ICICI Bank. The offline money transfer can be done through cheque or by filling the pay slip at the bank branch.

After depositing money in PPF Account you can calculate your Loan Amount and withdrawal amount with the help of ICICI PPF Calculator.

Transfer your PPF Account from Post Office to ICICI

If the customers want to transfer his/her PPF Account from the post office to the ICICI Bank, then he/she need to furnish a request form at the post office. Then the post office will ready to send all the required documents about the PPF Account to the ICICI Bank. Then it makes your PPF Account continued in the ICICI Bank. After submitting the original documents, the ICICI Bank will cross check those documents once again. Then the ICICI Bank will open a new account for you to continue your PPF Account. Therefore by transferring PPF Account to ICICI Bank, you can use ICICI PPF Calculator to calculate your Closing amount, Interest Rate, Loan amount and withdrawal amount.

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  1. I have opened PPF account in Icici bank in drive in road branch ahmedabad on 14-8-12 and i will be completing 5 years on 14-8-17 ie tomorrow.
    I would like to know how much i can with draw and procedure for the same.
    My account no is 006418001612

  2. My PPF a/c matured on 31.03.2016; Bal. outstanding on date was over Rs.5.00; Further 5yrs extension period was approved after withdrawal of Rs.2.00 lac on 11.05.2016. During current year, Rs.1.00 lac has been deposited thereby present balance raised to Rs.4.80 lac.
    Q. Now how much amt. can I withdraw as on date for my daughter’s Higher Education? If the quantum comes to <Rs.60000/-, can I close the account prematurely?

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