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Are searching for the Punjab and Sind Bank PPF Calculator?. Here is the Punjab and Sind Bank Public Provident Fund Calculator which operates with New P&S PPF interest rate. Using this PSB PPF calculator you can you can calculate the PPF maturity amount, Interest earned, loan amounts etc. The PPF calculator of Punjab & Sind bank on our site will perform the perfect PPF calculations. Along with the PPF calculator, you can also fetch the complete info about the PPF account in Punjab and Sind bank, documents required, How To Open PPF in PSB, steps to use Punjab and Sind Bank PPF Calculator etc on this page.

Punjab and Sind Bank PPF Calculator For 15 Years

The Public Provident Fund is a saving scheme for 15 years maturity. So, to calculate the interest and the closing balance for each separately is difficult. If you us the Punjab and Sind PPF return calculator you can calculate the below given details within ht fraction of seconds. Without this Provident Fund calculator, the calculation may be difficult. You have to just enter the PPF deposit amount on the Punjab and Sind Bank PPF Calculator. The following are the details calculated by the Punjab and Sind PPF calculator on our site.

  • Interest earned.
  • Closing balance.
  • Maximum Loan Amount.
  • Maximum Withdrawal Amount.

All the above details are calculated separately for 15 months and will be displayed in a tabular format.

How To Use PPF Calculator Punjab and Sind Bank?

  1. Hit the link below to open the Punjab and Sind Bank PPF Calculator.
  2. In the new tab, the PPF calculator opens.
  3. Now, enter the PPF deposit amount on the Punjab and Sind Bank PPF Calculator.
  4. Click on “calculate”.
  5. Then, within few seconds, all the Provident Fund details are displayed on the Punjab Sind PPF calculator.
  6. In the same way, you repeat the same process using Punjab and Sind Bank PPF Calculator for various PPF deposit amounts.

Punjab and Sind PPF Calculator

Punjab and Sind Bank PPF Calculator

Punjab & Sind Bank PPF Interest Rate

PPF Interest Rates of Punjab Sind Bank
Financial Year  PSB Interest Rate on PPF
April 2000 – 2001 March 11.0%
April 2001 – 2002 March 9.5%
April 2002 – 2003 March 9.0%
April 2003 – 2004 March 8.0%
April 2004 – 2005 March 8.0%
April 2005 – 2006 March 8.0%
April 2006 – 2007 March 8.0%
April 2007 – 2008 March 8.0%
April 2008 – 2009 March 8.0%
April 2009 – 2010 March 8.0%
April 2010 – 2011 March 8.0%
April 2011 – 2012 March 8.6%
April 2012 – 2013 March 8.8%
April 2013 – 2014 March 8.7%
April 2014 – 2015 March 8.7%
April 2015 – 2016 March 8.7%
April 2016 – 2017 March 8.1%

The Public provident fund Interest rate is changed for every financial year. So, you can observe the PPF interest rates of the past few years in the above table. We all know the financial year starts from April 1st and ends on March 31st. So, till this financial year, we have mentioned the PPF Interest rate. We will update the New Punjab and Sind Bank PPF interest rate as soon as it is announced. The most important thing you need to know about the PPF interest rate is, if you open the Punjab Sind PPF account in this year i.e FY 016-17, the PPF interest of the respective year is applied for till the end of the PPF maturity period.

Punjab and Sind Bank Provident Fund

The PPF in Punjab Sind bank has the lots of benefits and attractive features. To understand all those you need to get a clear idea of What is Public provident Fund?. Then, it will easy to analyse the PPF scheme in Punjab and Sind bank. The PPF is a tax saving scheme where you need to deposit a fixed amount every month or year. Then the Interest is calculated on this PPF deposit amount each month and added up to your PSB PPF account. Then,  total maturity amount is given back to you by the bank at the end of the Maturity period. If you want to extend the maturity period you can extend it up to 5 years.

Punjab and Sind Bank is a government bank with its headquarters in Mumbai. It was established in the year 1908 and offering the best services to its customers throughout India. It offers its services to the lakhs of Punjab and Sind Bank customers through a large number of branches and ATM’s. Under the PPF scheme, the PSB bank accepts the PPF account opening for the PPF scheme and Senior Citizen saving scheme. The Punjab Sind bank was authorised by Ministry of Finance to accept subscriptions under PPF Scheme.

If you are willing to open the Provident Fund account in PSB, chek out the Punjab Sind PPF account opening process, eligibility, features etc below.

Punjab and Sind Bank Bank PPF Scheme – Overview

Features Descriptiopn
Bank Name Punjab and Sind Bank
Scheme Name Punjab and Sind Bank Public Provident Fund Scheme
Punjab and Sind Bank Scheme Duration 15 Years
Punjab and Sind Bank PPF Interest Rate 8.1%
Minimum PSB PPF Deposit annual amount Rs. 500 per year
Maximum PSB PPF Deposit annual amount Rs. 1, 50, 000 per year
Punjab and Sind Bank PPF account Maturity Period 15 Years
Punjab and Sind Bank PPF Eligibility Any individual

Punjab Sind Bank PPF Account Eligibility Criteria

  • Individuals.
  • Minors on behalf of the Parents.
  • NRI’s are not eligible.

There are 2 types of PPF accounts in Punjab Sind, one is the general Public provident Fund and the other is the Employee’s Public Provident Fund. All the people who are eligible to open the PPF account in Punjab Sind bank can open any type of the PPF account.

Punjab and Sind Bank PPF Account Benefits & Features

  • Interest earned is completely free of Tax.
  • The Rate of Interest is 8.10%.
  • Easy liquidity for loans and withdrawals.
  • Minimum Punjab Sind PPF deposit amount is Rs. 500/- Per year.
  • The Deposit amount must be multiples of Rs. 5/-.
  • Maximum Punjab Sind PPF deposit amount is Rs. 100000/-. per annum.
  • The PPF subscription amount must not exceed Rs. 1 lakh per annum.
  • Duration of PPF Punjab and Sind Bank is 15 years and can be extended up to 5 years.
  • Loans and withdrawals on PPF are permitted.
  • Tax benefits are applicable under Sec 8OC of IT Act.
  • Complete Income Tax exemption on the PPF interest earned.
  • Nomination Facility.
  • You can transfer the PPF account from the Punjab Sind bank to other bank or other branch or Post Office. The transfer service has free of charge.

Punjab and Sind Bank PPF Account Opening Application Form

Click on the link below to open Punjab & Sind PPF application form. Otherwise, this PPF application form PSB bank in the Punjab and Sind official website. The application for opening PPF account is Form A. But it is not same for all banks. After you download the Punjab Sind Bank Provident Fund application form take a print out and fill the following details.

  • Punjab and Sind bank account number.
  • Name of the applicant.
  • Deposit Amount.
  • Branch name & Address.
  • Permanent Address.
  • The Nominee details such as full name, address, date of birth etc.
  • Applicants Permanent address.
  • Date of Birth of the applicant.
  • Signature or thumb impression.

 Download Punjab & Sind PPF Application Form A

Documents Required To Open PPF Account in Punjab Sind Bank

  • Passport size photograph.
  • Address Proof.
  • Identity proof.
  • PAN card.

Along with the Punjab and Sind Bank PPF Account Opening Form, you need to submit the above mentioned list of documents.

PPF Account Opening in Punjab Sind Bank

You can open the Provident Fund account in Punjab Sind bank through both Online and Offline modes. Therefore, we have mentioned both steps to open PPF account in Punjab Sind bank.

Open Punjab and Sind PPF Account Online –

  1. Visit the Punjab Sind bank official site.
  2. Search for the PSB PPF Application form.
  3. Download the PPF form and fill all the required details.
  4. Attach the documents and submit at the bank.
  5. You can deposit the PPF amount through Punjab and Sind Internet banking.
  6. Then, after the PPF application, document verification the PPF account will be activated.

How To Open Provident Fund Account at Punjab Sind Bank – Offline

  1. Go to the Punjab Sind bank.
  2. Collect the Punjab Sind bank PPF application form.
  3. Fill the form carefully without mistakes.
  4. Pay the PPF subscription amount.
  5. Attach the required document to the P&S bank application form and submit it to the concerned employee of the Punjab Sind bank.
  6. Within 2-3 days your PPF account will be activated.

 Know more about Punjab Sind Public Provident Fund Account Opening

How To Deposit Money In Punjab and Sind PPF Account?

The Punjab and Sind Bank offers the facility to deposit the Provident Fund deposit amount through the Internet banking. If you have the Punjab Sind bank login id and password you can pay the PPF deposit amount through Online. If not the other way to deposit PPF amount is you can deposit at the Punjab Sind bank branch. At the bank branch, you can drop a cheque or you can pay using pay slip.

How To transfer Provident Fund Account From Post Office To Punjab & Sind Bank

The Public Provident Fund has a facility to transfer the accounts from the Post office to the bank branch and from bank branch to post office. Otherwise, you can also transfer the PPF account from one branch of Punjab Sind bank to other branches. You have to submit a request form at the post office to transfer the PPF account. Then, the request will be processed by the post office to the Punjab Sind Bank. The amount in the Post office PPF account will be given to you in the form of a cheque. Then you can open a fresh PPF account in the Punjab Sind bank to continue this Provident Fund Scheme.

As our site, is exclusive for the Public Provident Fund you can get all the latest updates regarding the new Punjab Sind bank PPF interest rates, Punjab and Sind Bank PPF Calculator, Punjab & Sind Bank PPF scheme etc.

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