Vijaya Bank PPF Calculator | Current Vijaya Bank Public Provident Fund Rates

Here is the Vijaya Bank PPF calculator to help you know the maturity amount or the annual returns on your PPF account. You can also get the current interest rates on Vijaya bank PPF on this page. We have provided the procedures of opening a PPF account in Vijaya bank and also the features, benefits of PPF account opening. So, make use of the information provided on this page.

Vijaya Bank PPF Calculator

The Vijaya Bank PPF Calculator helps you to calculate the maturity returns on the Public provident fund account. It calculates the interest per year on your investment. Her, you can know the Vijaya bank PPF maturity amount instantly. You need to choose the type of deposit which is either a fixed or variable. Additionally, you have to choose the investment value which you will deposit annually to use the Vijaya Bank PPF account calculator.

Vijaya Bank PPF Calculator also aids you in deciding the total amount which you will invest until a particular number of years. The Vijaya Bank PPF interest rate varies every year. So, this new interest will get added to the annual amount annually. Finally, at the end of tenure, you will receive annual returns with interest. Moreover, to use the Vijaya Bank PPF Calculator, one should enter the details of PPF account in Vijaya Bank. Below are the details.

  • Vijaya Bank PPF rate of interest.
  • Tenure period.
  • Monthly investment.

How to Use Vijaya Bank PPF Interest Calculator?

  1. Click the link below to use the Vijaya Bank PPF calculator.
  2. The PPF Interest Rate Calculator of Vijaya Bank opens on your screen.
  3. Enter the details of investment and tenure period in years or months.
  4. Check whether the details are correct or wrong.
  5. Then click on “calculate.”
  6. The Vijaya Bank PPF calculator displays your annual returns on the screen.

To use the Vijaya Bank PPF Rates Calculator, click the below link.

Calculator for Vijaya Bank PPF 

Vijaya bank PPF Calculator

Vijaya Bank PPF Account Interest Rates

PPF Interest Rates of Vijaya Bank
Tenure Period Vijaya Bank interest rates on PPF
April 2016 to March 2017 8.1%
April 2015 to March 2016 8.7%
April  2014 to March 2015 8.7%
April  2013 to March 2014 8.7%
April  2012 to March 2013 8.8%
April  2011 to March 2012 8.6%
April  2010 to March 2011 8.0%
April  2009 to March 2010 8.0%
April  2008 to March 2009 8.0%
April  2007 to March 2008 8.0%
April  2006 to March 2007 8.0%
April  2005 to March 2006 8.0%
April  2004 to March 2005 8.0%
April  2003 to March 2004 8.0%
April  2002 to March 2003 9.0%
April  2001 to March 2002 9.5%
April  2000 to March 2001 11.0%

To know the interest rates of PPF for other banks, click the below link.

PPF Interest rates

Public Provident Fund – Vijaya Bank

Vijaya Bank is one of the Indian nationalised banks. It was established in the year 1931 with a wide range of personal and international services in the banking sector to its clients. The PPF in Vijaya bank helps you to invest your money in the public provident fund and returns attractive offers on maturity amount. All the individuals who are the salaries and self-employed can use the Vijaya bank PPF Schemes. One can enjoy the tax-free maturities of Vijaya Bank PPF account. This is a financial scheme by Government of India in 1968 with an aim of helping individuals and minors to save for their future.

So, to know more details on the Vijaya bank PPF schemes, click the below link.

Public Provident Fund Scheme of Vijaya Bank

Vijaya Bank PPF Scheme – Overview

Features Descriptiopn
Bank Name Vijaya Bank
Scheme Name Vijaya Bank Public Provident Fund Scheme
Vijaya Bank Scheme Duration 15 Years
Vijaya Bank PPF Interest Rate 8.1%
Minimum Vijaya PPF annual amount Rs. 500 per year
Maximum Vijaya PPF annual amount Rs. 1, 50, 000 per year
Vijaya PPF account Maturity Period 15 Years
Vijaya PPF Eligibility Any individual

Open Vijaya Bank PPF Account

The customers can open the Vijaya Bank PPF accounts either in a post office or a branch of Vijaya bank or through internet banking. Since online is the most convenient processes and gaining popularity. One can open the account with Rs.100, but the deposit should not be below Rs.500 for the whole year.

How to Open PPF Account in Vijaya Bank? – Offline

  1. Visit a post office or a Vijaya Bank branch which is nearby your residence.
  2. You should carry some documents mentioned below.
  3. Deposit some initial amount to open the account.
  4. Fill in the Vijaya Bank PPF account opening form and submit it along with the forms.

PPF Account Opening in Vijaya Bank – Online

  1. Log onto the Vijaya bank account online.
  2. Transfer amount via the Vijaya bank net banking.
  3. Fill up the Vijaya bank PPF account opening form.
  4. Along with the Vijaya bank PPF form, submit the documents mentioned below.
  5. Also, pay the initial amount to open the PPF account in Vijaya bank.
  6. After the completion of verification, the bank activates your PPF account.

So, to know more details on PPF account opening, click the below link.

Vijaya Bank Public Provident Fund Account opening

Vijaya Bank PPF Account – Documents

Along with the submission of Vijaya Bank PPF deposit form, one should handover the following documents.

  • Address Proof.
  • Identity proof.
  • PAN card.
  • Passport size photograph.

Vijaya Bank PPF Account Rules

Along with the PPF services, the bank has put on some rules and guidelines for its PPF account. Below is the list of rules and guidelines of PPF account in Vijaya bank.

  • All the individuals and minors can open a Public Provident Fund account in Vijaya bank.
  • One can transfer the PPF account to Vijaya Bank from the other banks and post offices.
  • There is no allowance for NRIs to open Vijaya Bank PPF account.
  • The customer can deposit a minimum amount of Rs.500 and a maximum of Rs.1,50,000 in the PPF account in Vijaya Bank.
  • You can deposit the multiples of Rs.5 or whole amount or even in instalments.
  • One can deposit even the minimum amount of Rs.100. Moreover, the yearly deposit on a whole should not be less than Rs.500.
  • The Hindu Undivided Family members are not eligible for opening a PPF account in Vijaya Bank.
  • Moreover, on behalf of HUF, no one should invest in their PPF account.
  • The duration of Vijaya bank PPF account is 15 years which can be increased to one or more five years blocks.

Click the below link to know the premature withdrawal rules of Vijaya bank.

Rules of Premature Closure of PPF account

Features of Vijaya Bank PPF Account

PPF account of Vijaya bank possesses attractive features and benefits. However, it is a safe method of investment, and the user can enjoy various flexibilities and higher returns.

  • There is a facility of nomination in your Vijaya Bank Public Provident Fund account.
  • One can take a loan against the PPF deposit amount.
  • Withdrawal of cash from your PPF account in times of need is allowable.
  • Under Income Tax Act of India, 1961, and section 88, Vijaya Bank PPF account is free from income tax.

Money Deposit in Vijaya Bank PPF Account

The deposition in Public provident fund account of Vijaya Bank is a very easy process. This includes two procedures of online and offline. The minimum and maximum yearly subscriptions are Rs.500 and Rs.1,50,000 respectively. One can pay it either in instalments or lump sums.

Online method for Deposit in Vijaya Bank PPF account

  • Log in to your Vijaya Bank net banking profile.
  • Through net banking, transfer the amount into your account.
  • Fill in the details of name, PPF account number that Vijaya bank asks.
  • Hence, you have made your deposit in the Vijaya Bank PPF account.

Deposit Money in Public Provident Fund in Vijaya Bank

  • Visit a nearby branch of Vijaya Bank.
  • Through a pay-in-slip or a cheque, deposit money into your PPF account.
  • Submit the cheque to the bank.
  • Therefore, the PPF account deposition is over.
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